Endexpa Services. ASSET MANAGEMENT.

Installations Exploitation Services:

Analysis, research, management and integrated optimization of all costs associated with the Special Regime facilities connected to the grid composing among others the following actions.

  • - Analysis and Study the current costs associated with the installation.

  • - Analysis and control of daily production, to verify a good work and production.

  • - Making monthly reports of the productions by the facilities.

  • - Management of maintenance associated with the installations comprising:
        · Analysis, Monitoring and control of the maintenance company.
        · Study of parameters and response times.
        · Applicationfor new offers.

  • - Management of manufacturers' warranties for products installed.

  • - SMonitoring and Management monthly energy sales to the free market marketer corresponding agent consisting of:

        · Check the monthly production.
        · Monitoring of monthly income.
        · Making possible claims for regularization of income.

  • - Analysis, Management and Optimization of passive safety services and assets employed in the facility.

  • - Analysis, Management and Optimization in the case of insurance policies for installation.

  • - Analysis and Control of the everyday work of the facility operators.